Strategic Competitive Planning

Brilliant minds know that businesses can get a clear advantage over their competitors with strategic competition planning. Revolutionise your planning process with SOLYP3. The strategic intelligence software collects all data for individual market analysis and activities of your competitors using questionnaires already proved successful with SOLYP3 customers. Combine your company’s knowledge of your market and your customers and keep an eye on your competitors to be able to react to changes in a timely manner!

Your benefits

  • Collect all information about strategy that you need. Customised questionnaires make it possible to selectively gather hard and soft data for market environment and competitors.
  • Maintain a clear overview: the desired strategy data can be generated with just a few clicks in a practical power point format and in your corporate design.
  • Combine valuable know-how of all your employees – across all business units!

You would like to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to providing you with further information and to getting in touch with you.

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