Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions of companies provide a great deal of opportunities such as tapping into new markets or expanding one’s capabilities. For successful mergers and acquisitions however, quite some information and challenges should be considered. SOLYP3 will support you: With the help of the strategy platform, your M&A process receives a centralized structure and organizes efficiently. It enables exchanging and sharing M&A information in different phases and accordingly with different target groups – making your M&A activities sensible and reproducible and communication within the whole M&A process easier.

Your benefits

  • Use a centralized M&A platform to sustainably expand the (de-)centralized M&A knowledge within your organization.
  • Combine hard and soft M&A information such as financial data, risks and strategic motivations – for enhanced predictability
  • Create status reportings efficiently, simply and quickly with the help of automatically generated dashboards, PPT- or XLS-files.


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