Strategic Planning

The development and implementation of a strategy can only be as good as the analysis on which it is based. Market, competitive, and trend data is digitized and subjected to a SWOT analysis. For the first time, soft data can be digitized and utilized using the strategic intelligence software SOLYP3! Moreover, SOLYP3 supports the creative part of strategy development by providing access to structured, digital data gained from the strategic analysis. Strategic initiatives and key figures derived from corporate strategy can be entered into SOLYP3, edited, analyzed, and linked to strategic controlling. SOLYP3 enables regular monitoring of the progress being made in implementing strategic initiatives (e.g., through use of dashborads). In case of deviations, quick corrective action can be taken to steer the corporation in the desired direction.

Your Benefits

  • Increase efficiency by reducing routing work by up to 60%.
  • Structure your strategic planning process and, thereby, avoid inconsistencies and duplication of efforts.
  • Link your hard financial data with soft data to increase planning plausibility.
  • Create a common language and shared understanding of your strategic planning process within your organization.

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