Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to reaching decisions for your business paying off in the long run: On the one hand, it is important to regard portfolio objects (organisational units, products, customers etc.) from a quantitative angle. One the other hand, qualitative aspects (as trends, competition development, market effects etc.) must not be neglected. SOLYP3 offers you the perfect solution: The Strategic Intelligence Software collects information relevant to your strategic portfolio management comprising any object in your portfolio. The individually adjustable structured questionnaires we use for this have already been successfully tested and proven by a great deal of SOLYP’s customers.

Moreover, SOLYP3 features counter-current processing: Its top-down approach reliably provides relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information for any portfolio object. At the same time, it also takes into account information specific to each portfolio object by employing a bottom-up method. The result: a comprehensive data base you can automatically generate diverse portfolio analyses in the form of power point presentations or dashboards from – at any level and following your proper corporate design. These profound portfolio data lead your straight towards an efficient and well-structured portfolio management.

Your benefits

  • Never lose track of your quantitative as well as your qualitative portfolio information combining hard and soft data.
  • Make your portfolio management more efficient: SOLYP3 provides you with easy access to significant portfolio analyses coming in handy as power point presentations.
  • Manage your portfolio methodically and effectively by making visionary strategic decisions.

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