SOLYP 4.0: Your direct benefits

The digitization of leadership processes with SOLYP 4.0 opens up completely new dimensions for your corporate development:

  • More transparency: about the initiatives of strategic directions.
  • Clear focus: on corporate strategy and alignment of initiatives with strategic goals
  • More result orientation: Economic key figures of initiatives (EBIT, profitability, resources) are permanently visible - changes are displayed in real time.
  • Better collaboration: Shared virtual workspaces and same views of tasks and to-dos anytime, anywhere.
  • More speed: Enormous increase in speed in the course of projects through clear structures and identical formats - especially in initiative reporting.
  • Higher quality: By automating and minimizing administrative effort, finally, focus on value-adding content.

In a nutshell: SOLYP 4.0 offers a wide range of direct benefits for your initiative and program control:  
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