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Success Stories

Since the introduction of SOLYP3, we can produce charts by mouse click and, thereby, save ourselves a lot of manual work.

As the world's leading chemical company, BASF benefits from replacing Excel-based planning primarily by gaining higher consistency of the collected data, linking hard and soft data in an intelligent way, and massively reducing the work load.

SOLYP3 provides us with a platform for collecting, analyzing, and measuring quantitative and qualitative strategic data in a cross-functional and systematic fashion.

The opportunities offered by SOLYP3 allow DB to consolidate hard economic indicators and soft core data of all business units centrally on a single platform.

For us, it is especially important that, with SOLYP3, we can now also take into account qualitative data, hence enabling a holistic view of strategic business areas.

After we learned about the strategic planning tool SOLYP3 in a detailed presentation and by means of customer reference, we were convinced of the great performance scope of the planning tool.

By making the strategy transparent, understandable, and communicable through the overall process, it comes to life in the first place.

With the introduction of SOLYP3, we expect much faster and more effective data processing, which will form the basis of KWS’s strategic planning.

We chose SOLYP because it has understood the demands and needs of a business of our size and because it convinced us of its competence far more than alternative providers did.

We have raised the strategic planning process through the use of SOLYP3 to the next higher level.

Soft data is becoming increasingly important to us. It is only since the implementation of SOLYP3 that we are able to collect it reliably.

The high quality of the information makes the tool so valuable for our planning process.

The consideration and linking of hard and soft data is a particular strength of SOLYP3.

  • Michael Doskocz,
  • Sto
With SOLYP3, our strategy departments have access to all strategically relevant information stored in a central database."

We consider SOLYP3’s questionnaires to be particularly valuable, as they are specially customized to our processes and structures.