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October 28, 2016

“The gain in efficiency, agility and transparency of the strategy process is enormous.”

Jan Borchers, co-founder of SOLYP Informatik GMBH and responsible for product development there, talks about the new reporting tool, JOOX

December 14, 2016

“Now our customers can drive a Ferrari!"

Jan Borchers is the mastermind behind the new SOLYP3 tool, JOOX, which revolutionises data output in PowerPoint. The lover of fast motorbikes, a keen cook and confessed home cinema fan, explains in an interview what benefits the implementation of JOOX offers, what software strategy is behind it and how it came about in the first place: “Because I hit the roof.”

Top-down, bottom-up or counter-flow process – which planning direction works best for your company?

September 29, 2016

One of the central questions which first need to be clarified as part of the introduction or revision of a strategic planning process in medium and large enterprises is the direction of planning. Basically, three alternative planning directions can be distinguished: top-down planning, bottom-up planning and planning using a counter-flow process. Which of these is best for a company depends primarily on the respective corporate culture. Relevant questions are whether the company is mainly centrally or decentrally organised, how much value is attached to staff participation and whether open communication and an ongoing exchange of information is practiced....

Strategic Knowledge Management – Digital Control of Swarm Intelligence

November 11, 2016

In management theory, the intelligence of the many is portrayed as superior to that of a homogeneous group such as a board of directors. Nonetheless, so-called swarm intelligence is a phenomenon that occurs by chance and is therefore hardly capable of controlling strategic processes for a company...

John Kotter’s 8-step model in the digital age – Top-down or bottom-up? Kotter’s dilemma and its digital solution

October 18, 2016

As I recently took a close look at the visitor statistics for our strategy blog, I found myself rubbing my eyes in amazement: Nearly 40% of all visitors had clicked on the entry about John Kotter’s 8-step model! Despite the fact that, over the past few months, we have presented and discussed strategy models that would appear at first glance to be more modern ...

SOLYP Informatik’s 3rd Best Practice Meeting, on 13 October 2016 in Frankfurt am Main: Forming the Future – How Schuler AG are forming the future with SOLYP3

October 25, 2016

Insights into concrete strategic processes, a lively exchange of ideas and an inspirational atmosphere – with virtues like these, the third Best Practice Meeting was a convincing success. Around 20 people responsible for strategy, and who came from the widest variety of industries, met at the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. Thomas Herrlinger, head of strategic business development and investor relations at Schuler AG, was the guest speaker. He presented this traditional machine maker’s strategy process and invited colleagues to join in discussion.

What Makes Your Business Unique? Find Out Using VRIO Analysis!

September 19, 2016

Companies usually possess various kinds of resources and capabilities—financial, human, organizational, physical, and technological. For strategists, this raises the question as to which ones are so-called core competencies providing a source of sustainable competitive advantage. A good way to find out is the VRIO analysis which was first developed in 1991 by Jay B. Barney, the founder of the resource-based view, and since then repeatedly refined.

Save-to-Grow-Strategies Gaining Popularity

September 08, 2016

"Save to grow!" - What may sound like a slogan of Wolfgang Schäuble’s austerity politics turns out to be a promising strategy for more and more companies to remain globally competitive in times of increasing economic and political uncertainty. Studies conducted by the consulting firm Deloitte show that the trend of using cost reductions to fund growth initiatives has been on the rise in the past few years, regardless of the recent financial performance of the companies.

From Competition to Collaboration - Strategic Partnerships Between Fintechs and Established Financial Service Providers on the Rise

August 16, 2016

Wisdom says, "If you cannot defeat your enemy, become his friend." According to some recent studies, traditional financial service providers should take this advice to heart when it comes to dealing with fintechs. Fintechs, that is start-ups and more-established companies that create better, faster, and cheaper financial services using modern technologies have been a threat to classical banks and insurance companies with their complex, inflexible, and cost intensive structures for quite some time already...

Strategic Decision-Making Processes and Big Data & Advanced Analytics in German Companies — PwC Publishes Survey Results

August 02, 2016

Strategy work is all about making decisions about the future: decisions about where and how to compete in the marketplace. In a recent survey among more than 2,100 decision makers from different industries and regions around the world, the accounting and consulting firm PwC has now taken a closer look at how strategic decision-making processes in large enterprises are evolving in the context of digitization and automation. Some 168 German decision makers from various sectors and business functions also participated in the survey. Here are the key findings from a German perspective at a glance...

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