"After we learned about the strategic planning tool SOLYP3 in a detailed presentation and by means of customer reference, we were convinced of the great performance scope of the planning tool."

Robert Barthelmes, Head of Corporate Development, EWE TEL


The full-service telecommunications provider EWE TEL GmbH works with SOLYP3 in order to be able to identify, analyze, and present complex strategic issues in a structured, clear, and time-saving fashion.

With SOLYP3, EWE TEL intends to make information regarding products and markets faster available in the future. Particularly in the highly competitive mobile phone and Internet market, accurate information is a decisive factor for maintaining a competitive advantage. Knowledge about the company’s position in the competitive environment, regional trends in individual markets, as well as the resulting opportunities and risks complement “hard” financial key figures. EWE TEL is using SOLYP3 specifically in order to be able to easily collect this kind of “soft” data, interpret it efficiently and plausibly, and relate it to financial key figures.