“The gain in efficiency, agility and transparency of the strategy process is enormous.”

Thomas Herrlinger, Head of Strategic Business Development & Investor Relations, Schuler AG

is the global leader in the forming technology pressing, automation solutions, tools, process technology and service for the whole metal-processing industry and lightweight automotive construction. Car manufacturers and suppliers as well as branches from the branches forging, household appliances, packaging, energy and electronics are among their customers. Schuler leads the field of coin minting technology and offers system solutions for the aviation, aerospace, railway and large-diameter pipe industries. In order to offer service to their clients all over the world, Schuler acts more and more internationally oriented, and has round about 52,000 employees in over 40 countries.

Eight globally active divisions with profit and loss responsibility reflect the numerous fields of application of the presses as well as the heterogeneous market structure. Since 2015 they work fully digitized with SOLYP3. According to Herrlinger, the enormous benefit gained thanks to the digital strategic process with SOLYP3 consisted in “being able to address topics where the responsibilities lie.” In particular, defining new attractive market segments, based on sales figures to be expected and a development trend, requires the know-how of the division level; the strategic direction of impact when it comes to capture new markets, is initiated here.

In the course of our 3rd Best Practice Meeting in October 2016 in Frankfurt/Main Thomas Herrlinger presented the strategic process of the well-renowned machine manufacturer and invited colleagues to discussions. Please find a detailed report on this event on our strategy blog.