"The consideration and linking of hard and soft data is a particular strength of SOLYP3."

~ Michael Doskocz, Head of Strategic Corporate Development, Sto SE & Co. KGaA

Sto SE & Co. KGaA, a specialist in thermal insulation, pursues a systematic goals-driven strategic planning approach throughout the group.

Prior to the implemenation of SOLYP3, the company was struggling with a lack of interconnectivity of strategically relevant data and information as well as a lack of standardization regarding the types of analyses and methods used as well as content presentation; causing lots of extra work for the central strategy department. The flood of information was "simply not manageable anymore," says Michael Doskocz.

Thanks to the Strategic Intelligence Software SOLYP3, which was introduced in 2012 at the initiative of the Board of Sto group, the company now has a standardized and integrated goal formulation and deployment tool. During our 1. SOLYP3 Best Practice meeting, which took place in Frankfurt am Main in February 2015, the Sto group presented this tool. Read our detailed follow-up report on this event and learn more about the motives for the implemention of SOLYP3 at Sto Group and the benefit the company was able to gain from it.