From now on, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp will organize strategic work for a great deal of companies together.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Learn from guest author Daniel Trefzer how the Hoshin Kanri approach and the Catch Ball method can create sustainable added value.

Recognizing the strengths of employees

How can you promote and develop people's personalities? In which areas can employees be deployed to achieve the best results with their strengths?

Strategic Intelligence Software SOLYP3

Digitize your strategic planning processes –
for more efficiency, flexibility and reliability.


“With the introduction of SOLYP3, we expect much faster and more effective data processing, which will form the basis of KWS’s strategic planning.”

~ Dr. Helge Beyer, Leiter Unternehmensentwicklung, KWS SAAT AG

As one of the world's leading seed producers, KWS SAAT AG recognizes the importance of strategic planning for long-term business success. With approximately 60 subsidiaries and associated companies and around 3,900 employees (1,500 of them in Germany) in more than 70 countries, KWS has to deal with huge amounts of data during its strategic planning process: Data from hundreds of sources needs to be collected, consolidated, analyzed, and evaluated in a timely manner. To make data collection and evaluation more efficient, KWS will now carry out its strategic planning using the strategic planning software SOLYP3.

“With the introduction of SOLYP3, we expect much faster and more effective data processing, which will form the basis of KWS’s strategic planning,” says Dr. Helge Beyer, head of corporate development at KWS. “Our main aim is to focus more on qualitative planning as well as on technical issues. With SOLYP3, we hope to achieve this in two ways: First, the system integrates and makes usable all relevant soft data and key figures. Second, the new software enables us to quickly collect and analyze all data across all group levels and all planning units.”

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SOLYP3 is the solution for strategy analysis and strategy development. The Strategy Platform intelligently links hard and soft strategy data, ensuring maximum planning security and efficiency.

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We have developed SOLYP 4.0 for strategy execution and strategic program management: We can now support the entire value creation process of strategic management.


Success Stories

  • Schuler

    “The gain in efficiency, agility and transparency of the strategy process is enormous.”



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